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How to Find a Technology Solution for Your Team

Loan Management SystemTop real estate professionals are always on the lookout for new tools and technology solutions to help their businesses gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Plus, it’s also getting harder and harder to compete in the real estate industry without utilizing the right technology solutions.

To help determine the software solution that will be the right fit for your processes and business model, it’s helpful to first start by asking yourself these two questions;

What are the challenges your team faces?

One of the first steps in finding right software solution is by talking with your team about their processes and identifying the obstacles and challenges they face on a daily basis. For example;

Has it become increasingly difficult to manage multiple clients and deals at once?

Would automating the credit and background checks alleviate more time that could be spent working with new clients?

Do you often come across deals you cannot fund?

Once the challenges have been uncovered, you can then determine new objectives and goals that can help alleviate these challenges.

What are you looking for in a new software?

Examine your workflows and speak with your team to learn where inefficiencies or tedious tasks are. Then, determine what you are looking for in a technology that can help solve these.

Potential Software Objectives:

Ask your team if there are any technology solutions they’ve researched and been curious about. Then encourage them to schedule a demonstration of the software to determine if it would work for your company as a whole.

Bridge Loan Network’s Loan Management System

With our Loan Management System (LMS) companies can manage and track all their loans, upload and store documents, run soft and hard credit checks, pull background reports and conveniently send full loan packages to approved lenders, or your lender of choice.

Bridge Loan Network also offers our brokers the opportunity to have a white labeled online loan application for your clients to complete. Any application that is submitted will generate a loan ID and will populate directly into your LMS.

LMS Features Include:

Benefits of the LMS Include:

Overall, the technology solution chosen will ultimately stem from its ability to help your team and business outperform the competition. To maximize the execution of the new technology with your team, you must clearly understand the challenges and set new objectives to overcome them.

As the leading software in the hard money and private lending space, Bridge Loan Network is designed specifically for real estate brokers, investors and lenders alike. Commercial Loan Brokers utilize Bridge Loan Network’s Loan Management System to provide clients with a secure and centralized location to process their loans. With Bridge Loan Network’s software, the loan process is simplified and automated every step of the way.


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