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Protecting Your Home Against Hurricanes

2020 has been pretty unpredictable thus far, including the weather.  Safety is the utmost importance during these unpredictable storms, but of course, you want your home to be protected too! Here are some ways to help protect your home against hurricanes.

Impact-resistant windows and doors

Invest in impact-resistant windows and doors. With these in place, they will help to strengthen the safety of your home against harsh weather. Impact-resistant windows and doors can withstand winds up to 200 mph, in addition to objects that may be thrown at your home. Having these in place can make a huge difference for not only possible storm damage, but the dreaded clean up afterward.


Although landscaping may not seem directly apart of the home, it can certainly come into play during a hurricane. Everything and anything surrounding your home come into fair play when the winds aggressively pick up. Consider exchanging harder landscaping materials for soft ones. For example, instead of using gravel or stones, use mulch or wood chips. In addition to using softer materials, be sure to check out your tree branches! Trim any branches that are already breaking or dead. Trimming branches is a great place to start prepping your home since it is a quicker task!


For a short-term fix to strengthening your garage doors, opt to install vertical door braces or horizontal beams. Utilizing these reinforces the structure of the doors, which will fend better against high winds. For a bigger upgrade, invest in impact-resisting garage doors. Much like the doors and windows, impact-resisting garage doors are the utmost protection for aggressive weather. Although installing these are more expensive than vertical door braces or horizontal beams, they may be worthwhile considering your valuable car is residing inside!

Sump pump

Ever think about installing a sump pump? A sump pump moves water from your basement to a designated area out of your home. This simple mechanism can help protect your home from rising waters which could ultimately lead to structural damage. There are different types of sump pumps such as submersible, pedestal, battery-operated backup, and water-powered backup sump pumps. Ensure the sump pump being used is free of debris to ensure it will effectively work to protect your home against damage.

Of course, a generator would be a huge help for possible power outages too, just make sure you use it safely and situate it away from your house! But these tips will help preserve your home or investment property during aggressive and unpredictable weather.